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The executive vice president of Venezuela, Delcy Rodriguez, spoke this Wednesday in relation to the dispossession of Citgo by the United States (USA), in which she denounced the violation of international public law and the social rights of the Venezuelan people.


President of Venezuela repudiates US decision on Citgo company

The vice president gave statements on the actions of the Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) against Venezuela, in the case of the Citgo company, a subsidiary of PDVSA together with Foreign Minister Yván Gil and the Minister of Oil, Pedro Tellechea.

In a press conference with the media from the Miraflores Palace, Rodríguez indicated that this OFAC license (to the extinct National Assembly elected in 2015) was lost sight of in any violation process.

The vice president gave details of the criminal and corruption plot that is being committed with the dispossession of the Venezuelan company Citgo.

“This new OFAC license authorizes as a hit man who can or cannot buy the country's resources,” he added.

The US Government mocked everyone who attended the Bogotá Conference because they already knew what came with this OFAC license 42 against Venezuela.

He denounced that the US Government gave the green light to start the judicial auction process of Citgo, Venezuela's main asset abroad.

He revealed that the company that initiated the lawsuit against Citgo had José Ignacio Hernández in the file, as a specialized expert.

"We are not going to recognize any type of payment agreement to any creditor that is not addressed to the Venezuelan State," he said.

He denounced that the OFAC license 42, where the Citgo theft is consummated, loses sight of the fact that “it violates Venezuelan laws, public and private international law. There was no rule left on the planet that they have violated with this decision ”

"With this decision, a letter is given to opponents to interact with any person in the United States or company, there were lights of this new license 42," he said.

Unitary Platform mocks the Venezuelan people, they do not take a step without going to Washington. They are extremists, they are stateless, they are a criminal organization, he declared.

"We have to ask ourselves why, right in the presidential campaign race, where the US president (Joe Biden) announced that he is running for re-election, certain economic groups are being favored and extremist opposition groups are being financed Venezuelan," he said.

The vice president commented that the fugitive from Venezuelan justice, Dinorah Figuera, who appears as the supposed president of the 2015 National Assembly —a parliament that no longer exists— is the piece that allows OFAC to enable the negotiations and sale of the refinery with headquarters in Houston.

"They go and sit down at a negotiation in Mexico and they are stabbing the Venezuelan people in the back, stealing their assets, it is really an international scandal what this (OFAC) license means," Rodríguez added, referring to the group of opponents of the Unitary Platform

The Venezuelan government maintained a dialogue in Mexico with the opposition until November 2022 and is currently suspended.

The National Assembly approved in 1a. discussion of a law to protect the assets of the Venezuelan state abroad and apply the Asset Forfeiture Law against members of "organized crime" as the Government describes former deputies linked to the Citgo network

“It is the United States government that has used a court for its political and economic benefit in the Citgo case,” he said.

"There is a list of creditors registered in a US court that seeks validation in Venezuelan territory, on Venezuelan assets, in this case on Citgo, a Venezuelan company on US soil," he said.

"They invented this story and became accomplices like the Venezuelan opposition to advance in the dispossession of our assets, in 2017 they appointed a Citgo Board of Directors, and a false attorney."

He recalled that on December 6, 2020, the Venezuelan people elected a new National Assembly, which replaced the one that took office on January 5, 2021.

"All of this began with (President Barak) Obama and his decree, then came (President Donald) Trump with organized crime, but this OFAC license 42 is lost sight of because of the content that violates the laws of Venezuela and the right private international".

"There was nothing left on the planet that they have not violated with that license, and I want to remember on January 9, 2023, OFAC, in this network of blockade and violation against the country, issues a license where it recognizes the AN of 2015."

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