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The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, proposed this Monday to establish an agenda of priorities that will lead to the creation of the Latin American and Caribbean Center for Applied Science and Technology Research.


Lázaro Cárdenas Batel Appointed Permanent Secretary of Celac

The Venezuelan head of state inaugurated the 2023 CELAC (Community of Latin American and Caribbean States) working meeting dedicated to scientific and technological exchange together with the Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Ralph Gonsalves.

President Maduro pointed out the need to unify the political proposals of Latin America and the Caribbean based on their impact on the social and economic life of the peoples.

"Science and applied technology must be at the forefront of the search for solutions to the enormous problems arising from climate change, the various effects that exist for agriculture, health," said the Venezuelan president.

"A new world is being built and Latin America and the Caribbean must be at the same level, presenting itself as a unitary bloc with its own proposals," the Venezuelan president emphasized.

The president emphasized: "We must create a Latin American and Caribbean center of applied science for our countries. A center where we can articulate the advances with an agenda of priorities that you will very well know how to establish."

In this regard, he deepened, we must "build scientific bases, cultural knowledge, powerful knowledge and even more so if we can build it in a unitary way."

"The emergence of a new world, without empires or hegemons, multicentric and multipolar, where we can all see each other in terms of equality," the head of state pointed out, "is becoming more and more powerful.

"I am sure that if in each one of our countries we have progress in all matters, joining efforts of brilliant minds of scientists, technologists, Latin America and the Caribbean will be up to the task of this 21st century," he said.

This Monday the debates and deliberations began at the work tables of the Meeting of Ministers, Ministers and High Authorities of Science, Technology and Innovation of Celac in Caracas.

The Minister for Science and Technology, Gabriela Jiménez, explained that in these roundtables "strategies are analyzed and built to address areas of interest that respond to the common needs of our peoples," she posted on Twitter.

"Our region today concentrates more than 660 million inhabitants according to the ECLAC 2022 report. More than a third of the population is young, this is a valuable opportunity to link them with Science and Technology and promote the culture of innovation with a local perspective ", he stressed.

The Celac Venezuela 2023 Science and Technology meeting will take place this Monday and Tuesday, to promote the exchange of knowledge and scientific activity, with a view to consolidating regional integration and cooperation in this area.

During the summit, seven areas of regional interest such as Sustainable Food / Food Sustainability, Health / Communicable and non-communicable diseases are discussed at work tables. Also on Spatial Capacities and Mitigation and adaptation of the climate crisis.

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