Venezuela Obtains Record for Largest Line of Chocolate Bars | News


The president of the Fundación Nuestra Tierra de Venezuela, Leudys González, announced that the town of Caripito in the state of Monagas, obtained a new Guinness record for the largest line of chocolate in the world.


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The decision of the international organization Guinness World Records Latin America confirmed the creation of some 4,300 chocolate bars, which is already added to three other records, in which 607 people participated, to place the chocolate bars in a line of 854 meters.

This event spread throughout the avenue, New Jerusalem of Caripito, and seeing the result the spokeswoman for the Guinness organization, cataloged the participants at the right moment of exceeding 2,000 bars of chocolate as “amazing”.

The Fundatierra organization and Caripito already had three Guinness records for the largest chocolate coin in the world, the largest chocolate tasting in the world (the tasting) and the largest mosaic of chocolate bars in the world.

The Fundación Nuestra Tierra executed and organized the exhibition that began on Sunday, April 17, at the foot of the statue of Simón Bolívar and ended at the foot of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and that continues this Wednesday on the social networks of both the Guinness World Records Latin America like other platforms are celebrated.

The Venezuelan organization said that participation in the contest is part of the “strategies for the economic growth of Venezuela, through the use of cocoa as a strategic item for the country’s economy.”

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