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The Government of Venezuela, employers and unions installed this Monday, with the technical support of a high-level commission of the International Labor Organization (ILO), social dialogue tables in order to analyze the situation of workers and ways to find solutions in a shared way.


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The Social Dialogue Forum will review progress in compliance with various agreements relating to the establishment of the minimum wage, freedom of association and tripartite consultation.

The Executive Vice President of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, who opened the forum on Monday, which will conclude on the 28th, highlighted the ongoing dialogue between the Government and the private sector to overcome the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and reactivate the economic sphere and productive of the country.

Rodríguez asked the ILO to carry out a line of investigation in the blocked countries, in order to know how it has affected their economy.

“I would ask you for a line of research on the economy of the blocked countries, which are more than 30 countries. What happens to the workers in those countries, how do the blockades affect the workers and employers of those countries?” he said.

Rodríguez also added that the Tripartite Social Dialogue, issued by the ILO, would help the countries that are blocked to mitigate, reduce and deepen the resilience capacity of their nation.

On the other hand, Rodríguez stressed that the arrival of the pandemic leaves the world precarious in terms of work, adding that Venezuela has managed to get ahead because it is a people determined to fight for the sovereignty and evolution of the country.

The Executive Vice President explained that in 2008 Venezuela had revenues of 65,607 million dollars; in 2013, 52,609 million dollars; and in 2020, as a result of the blockade, only 743 million dollars were received, “these are figures that must be handled because they affect salary.”

At another point in the meeting, the Director General of the ILO, Guy Ryder, intervened by showing a video; in which he congratulated the realization of the Forum, who ratified the permanent and fluid contact of the entity with the Ministry for the Social Process of Labor.

“I am pleased that your government has reiterated its willingness to comply with the decision of the ILO Governing Body, as well as its agreement to deal with the cooperation agreements between Venezuela and the ILO in a tripartite forum,” he said.

The last time tripartite social dialogue was installed in Venezuela was in 1997. Since then, this mechanism has not been activated in the country, and today, a historic day for the trade union struggle, this forum is installed again with the technical assistance of the ILO.

The event was also attended by more than 150 spokespersons from different business, union and labor movements that will evaluate the agreements of the multilateral entity together with the national Executive Power; as well as different industrial federations of the country.

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