Venezuela continues to mobilize in support of the Revolution | News

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Venezuelans continue the mobilizations this Friday in support of President Nicolás Maduro and the Bolivarian Revolution.


Venezuelans mobilize to support the Bolivarian government

Among the main axes of mobilization of the concentrations, which have also taken place in the states of Cojedes, Aragua and Apure, are the rejection of the sanctions imposed by the United States government and support for the Venezuelan president.

In this sense, President Nicol├ís Maduro praised the mobilization in Tinaco, in the department of Cojedes, as extraordinary. ÔÇťThey filled the streets demonstrating once again that the Homeland is respected! We go together and together with love to continue transforming Venezuela into a country of prosperity, well-being and peace, ÔÇŁhe said.

Likewise, the head of state said that in Cariaco, Sucre overflowed with joy and revolution. In the same way, he argued that ÔÇťthis is the People that remains deployed, in the front line of battle due to the call made by the Homeland. Union and Victory guaranteed! I hug you!"

By concentrating in the Biruaca municipality, Apure state, the Venezuelans marched in defense of the Bolivarian Revolution. In this sense, Nicolás Maduro stated that this fact is an example of union.

The United Socialist Party of Venezuela mobilized in the same way in different states, among them in Apure. The vice president of the party, Diosdado Cabello, and Governor Eduardo Pi├▒ate were present.

Also in the Jos├ę ├üngel Lamas de Aragua municipality, after a massive mobilization, the Venezuelan people gathered at the Andr├ęs Eloy Blanco stadium and from there, ratified their anti-imperialist nature and expressed their support for the Venezuelan dignitary, according to the statements of the PSUV .

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