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Delegations from Venezuela and Brazil met in Caracas to promote binational trade and ratify the commitment to jointly combat smuggling on the common border


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This Tuesday, the Venezuelan Foreign Minister, Yván Gil, reported via Twitter that both delegations held a meeting to follow up on the Declaration of Brasilia, signed on May 29, between Presidents Nicolás Maduro and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, respectively. .

Both delegations agreed to "develop joint actions in terms of binational trade to advance greater coordination on the economic and trade situation of both countries."

Likewise, advance in "a Brazil-Venezuela work commission for the evaluation of Brazilian products of animal and vegetable origin" and also combat cross-border smuggling.

The parties "decided to install the Administrative Commission provided for in the Economic Complementation Agreement (ACE-69), signed on December 27, 2012, as well as a Brazil-Venezuela work commission for the evaluation of Brazilian products of animal and vegetable origin, in addition to the mutual commitment to combat cross-border smuggling," the text specifies.

These agreements arise from the "construction of the new map of cooperation based on the principles of brotherhood, solidarity and complementarity", highlights the text of the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry.

In this sense, the parties agreed to meet soon in order to install the corresponding technical tables with a view to reinvigorating the bilateral relationship within the framework of the construction of the new cooperation map based on the principles of brotherhood, solidarity and complementarity.

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