Veljko Paunovic shares emotional message prior to Clásico Tapatío

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Before the rumors of a possible departure of Veljko Paunovic from Chivasthe Serbian strategist sent a union message before the Flock seeks victory against its staunch rival in the Classic Tapatío.

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He sports issue was forgotten in Verde Valle after announcing the separation of elements like 'Chicote' Calderon and Alexis Vega of the Red and White squad indisciplinehowever, rumors from Spain they indicated that 'Pauno'I would leave La Perla Tapatia to be the new coach of Almería.

Although nor Amaury Vergarapresident of Chivas, nor Fernando HierroSports Director of the Flock, they came out to testify about itit was the European coach who sent a emotional message on social networks prior to playing the Tapatío Classic:

I want to feel this union, emotion and passion between everyone again. Today is day 1 of our *resurgence*. I am with you, as always! "Up with Las Chivas!" wrote the strategist.

Almost immediately, Chivas raised its voice through X (formerly Twitter) in support of the speech expressed by the strategist when publishing “TO DEATH WITH YOU!”.

Accompanying the publication are three elements that make Chivas fans dream of a new victory in the Apertura 2023:

New shield of the Jalisco team.

After eliminate América in the Semifinals of the Closing 2023 where Paunovic celebrates with his team.

Previous serenade to the matchday 12 Vs Atlas.

He Victory for Chivas will be of vital importance to regain confidence and stay within the first places of the tournament, since with the 3 points against the Foxes, they would reach 18 units and with the firm possibility of finishing within the places that give a direct ticket to the Liguilla; to fallit would practically be a fact that they would leave the play-in places of Apertura 2023.


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