Veljko Paunovic highlights his Sacred Flock's hunger to win | Video

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Veljko PaunovicSerbian-Spanish technician of the Chivas de Guadalajarastated this Wednesday that the hunger to win and transcend has led to his team being among the eight best of the last two tournaments.

In a press conference, prior to his meeting against Necaxa this Thursday at Akron Stadium, Paunovic he pointed:

Hunger characterizes this team, wanting more, nobody relaxes, nobody ever gives up and at the same time nobody thinks that they have achieved something, the football process is something continuous, improvement always has to be sought and never think that we have achieved our best version.

Guadalajara, runner-up in Liga MX, is leader of the Opening Tournament 2023 with two consecutive victories and six points.

Under the sports management of the Spanish World Cup Fernando HierroChivas had one of its best returns in recent years at the end of the regular phase in the third place of the Clausura 2023 and dispute his first final in six years where they fell before UANL Tigers.

Paunovic highlighted the progress that the team has had in the offensive although he accepted that hone the forcefulness and the assembly of the plays in front of the goal, in addition to greater vigilance and the brand in attack to prevent neglect from jeopardizing a favorable marker.

Sometimes our concentration drops, therefore more maturity, having more urgency and prevailing in the face of possible adversity or reaction that the rival may have, this happened to us in the final in the second part, I already talked about this and I feel responsible , but it has to help us to learn, it is not worth acknowledging mistakes but rather working on them and eradicating them.

The rojiblanco team will receive this Thursday at Necaxain the last game before his participation in the League Cupthe tournament in which the clubs of the Major League Soccer and Liga MX from July 21 to August 19.

Before, next Sunday, Chivas will receive Athletic Bilbao in the second leg of Tree of Gernika Trophy.

The European strategist announced that this match will mark the debut of the midfielder Eric Gutierrez who came from the PSV Eindhoven.

He is evolving very well in his physical form. Now he is already participating in the work of the group and his technical quality, his decision-making, his positioning, his placement are going to help us a lot.

(With information from EFE)

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