Vancouver Whitecaps FC and DC United tied 2 in a vibrant match

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This Saturday, Whitecaps FC and DC United did not take advantage in the duel for week 32 of the United States - MLS 2023 and ended up tied 2-2.

The goals of the match for the local team were scored by Brian White (1' 1T) and Ryan Gauld (11' 2T, penalty). While the away goals were scored by Christian Benteke (10' 1T) and Mateusz Klich (16' 2T).

Brian White was the figure of the match. The Vancouver Whitecaps FC forward scored 1 goal and shot into the opponent's goal 4 times.

Another important player in the match was Mateusz Klich. The DC United midfielder was the author of 1 goal.

The match was quite fought, in which the fouls began to accumulate. There were 2 reprimands: Mateusz Klich and Alessandro Schöpf.

Whitecaps FC technical director Vanni Sartini proposed a 3-5-2 strategy with Yohei Takaoka in goal; Javain Brown, Ranko Veselinovic and Tristan Blackmon on the defensive line; Sebastian Berhalter, Alessandro Schöpf, Andrés Cubas, Pedro Vite and Richie Laryea in the middle; and Brian White and Ryan Gauld in attack.

For their part, those led by Wayne Rooney stood with a 4-4-2 formation with Alex Bono between the three sticks; Ruan, Donovan Pines, Derrick Williams and Pedro Santos on defense; Mateusz Klich, Christopher Durkin, Jackson Hopkins and Gabriel Pirani in midfield; and Theodore Ku-Dipietro and Christian Benteke up front.

Referee Drew Fischer was selected to carry out the game actions.

On the next date Whitecaps FC will visit Seattle Sounders and DC United will play at home against New York City FC at the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium.

Note and image source: DataFactory

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