Valve rupture at industrial facility caused gas cloud in Atwater Village area


Firefighters entered the facility with devices to measure air quality.

Photo: APU GOMES / AFP / Getty Images

A broken valve at an industrial facility caused a massive, acrid cloud to rise over the Atwater Village area Thursday morning.prompting the intervention of firefighters and paramedics.

The incident was reported at approximately 8:30 a.m. at Huntsman Chemicalin the 4500 block of West Electronics Place.

Initially it was reported as an “automatic fire alarm”, but there was no fire or explosionthe Los Angeles Fire Department said.

In a statement, the authorities reported that a large metal container was being prepared for packaging/distribution and a small valve broke, resulting in gas expulsion.

It was later said that the expelled material it was RenInfusion 8610.

Huntsman Chemical said in a statement that there was a limited product involved, as well as reporting that no injuries were reported at the industrial facility.

As a precaution, firefighters They evacuated the building where the chemical spill occurred..

Los Angeles Fire Department asked residents near the area to remain under shelter and keep doors and windows closed.

To the people who decided to leave the area, advised to move south of Electronics Place.

Firefighting teams specialized in handling hazardous materials They entered the industrial facility with meters to assess the quality of the air, and it was determined that there were no threats to people as they did not find worrying readings on the devices..

“We have to take these situations with a grain of salt until we identify the materials we are dealing with. We made sure everyone stayed upwind in the area until we made sure there was no risk of harm,” LAFD Capt. Erik Scott told ABC.

The authorities investigated the causes that caused the rupture of the valve.

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