Valeria Andrade, the beautiful referee who changed the Liga MX for her own Onlyfans

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The Beautiful referee Valeria Andrade, decided to leave behind her past as an official in the Liga MXto take advantage of its popularity in the social networks and open an account very similar to Onlyfanswhere make your followers fall in love with the content you usually sharethus showing off a spectacular physique, a product of the exercise he does daily.

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Valeria Andrade is a Mexican referee which functioned as standard bearer in Liga MXin addition to being passionate about sports, since throughout her life He has practiced swimming and gymnastics, although currently he also constantly goes to the gym and shows off the exercise routines he does on his social networks.

Today, It has more than 226 thousand followersonly in your account instagramwhich motivated her to open her account at BSociala content platform very similar to Onlyfanshowever, The pretty referee does not share explicit material, rather she focuses on exploiting her sensualityappearing in a bikini, lingerie or tight exercise clothing, making her followers fall in love with her.

The Subscription to Valeria Andrade's account costs $7.25 per monthto be able to enjoy its most sensual content, on the platform that helped her generate income when she decided to permanently move away from arbitration after being suspended a long time ago from Liga MX.


At the beginning of 2022, The controversy was present in the career of the beautiful referee Valeria Andrade, since she was accused of violating the internal regulations of the Mexican Soccer Federation (Femexfut), which translated into the loss of your job and ended up being banned from her profession within Liga MX.

Everything that happened It occurred after the referee promoted a betting house on her social networkssituation that It is completely prohibited for someone belonging to the Mexican soccer union. and, even more so, being someone who dispenses justice in matches.

Subsequently, Valeria Andrade clarified that this promotion was made to support the Mexican playershowever, He no longer showed any intention of returning to professional Mexican soccer. and decided to take advantage of his fame and popularity on social networks.

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