‘Va por México’ will denounce Mario Delgado before the FGR for hate campaign, illicit financing and corruption on Line 12


The coordinator of the PRD Parliamentary Group, Luis Espinosa Cházaro, announced that in the coming days, the “Va por México” legislative coalition, made up of the PAN, the PRI and the PRD, will present several complaints against the national leader of Morena, Mario Thin Carrillo.

In a statement, he said that accusations will be brought before the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) for the hate campaign launched by the national leadership of that party against the legislators who prevented the approval of Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s electricity reform.

Likewise, he stressed, due to the corruption that led to the collapse of Line 12 of the subway with the death of 26 people and a hundred injured; as well as for illicit financing of the Movement led by Delgado Carrillo, from organized crime.

“The party leaders have denounced President López Obrador and Mario Delgado for the issue of ‘traitors to the Homeland.’ We, as parliamentary coordinators of ‘Va Por México’, are about to file a complaint for ‘apology of crime’”.

“This ‘let’s shoot them peacefully’, as the coordinator of the Morena deputies, Ignacio Mier, called, is inciting violence and can end very badly, just because we decided to vote freely against the ruling party,” he said.

In addition, he indicated, Morena has already warned that it will fall into a legislative paralysis because they will not agree to discuss the initiatives that we present in favor of the people and that have to do with the Full-Time Schools, the strengthening of the health sector; promoting employment and productivity in all sectors, and addressing the problem of insecurity, among others, she specified.

Unfortunately, he pointed out, the radical position of Morena and her parliamentary groups have led us to legislative paralysis and the people of Mexico are the ones who lose out. This irresponsibility of the majority in San Lázaro makes the people lose the confidence that they gave them through the vote.

He recalled that a few days ago, Aleida Alavez, deputy coordinator of Morena, told a media outlet that “nothing from the opposition would happen.”

“We are willing to discuss the reforms that are good for the country; but it seems that the majority do not understand their responsibility to continue walking and working for and for the people”, he asserted.

“Once the electrical reform sent by the President has been discussed and rejected, the ruling party continues with the desire to take revenge. The opposition attended the subsequent sessions and what the majority did was take photos of the parliamentary coordinators calling us ‘traitors to the country’, in a free vote that the Constitution allows us, that legality grants us, and that they do not understand ” , pointed out Espinosa Cházaro.

“For this reason, from the ‘Va Por México’ coalition, what we will do is present the evidence that has been provided to us and for the Prosecutor’s Office to determine which crimes are appropriate. It can be one, two or three; but yes, Mario Delgado cannot point a flaming finger when he has a long tail that is stepped on, ”concluded the PRD.

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