USA exceeds 60 million cases of coronavirus | News


Amid the rebound in coronavirus cases due to the presence of the Omicron variant, the United States on Sunday exceeded 60 million infections of Covid-19.


US sets new world record for daily coronavirus cases

According to the balance of Johns Hopkins University, the total number of infections in the US rose 60,062,077, while the death toll rose to 837,504.

With these figures, the US remains the nation most affected by the pandemic, with the highest number of cases and deaths in the world, representing around 20 percent of the world’s total cases and more than 15 percent of global deaths.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, the US averaged 700,000 daily cases in the last week to report 4.9 million cases in the last seven days.

Covid-19 cases in the United States reached 10 million on November 9, 2020, 20 million on January 1, 2021, 30 million on March 24, 40 million on September 6, and 50 million December 13.

On January 4, the United States exceeded one million cases of coronavirus in 24 hours, setting a new record for daily infections.

Faced with the increase in infections, several US states reopened mass vaccination centers in an attempt to contain the impact of the new wave of coronavirus in the country.

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