USA: Court upholds deportation priority guidelines


Federal guidelines that prioritize the deportation of people in the United States illegally who pose the greatest risk to public safety can be enforced, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday.

The decision revolves around a directive issued in September by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that put deportation on hold unless people had committed acts of terrorism, espionage or “egregious threats”. for public safety.” The guidance from the administration of President Joe Biden updated the policy implemented by the administration of his predecessor, Donald Trump, which expelled people who were in the country illegally without regard to criminal history or ties to the community. .

A federal judge suspended Biden’s policy after Arizona, Ohio and Montana sued to stop it, arguing it would lead to increased crime and strain law enforcement resources. After the government appealed, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals vacated the judge’s preliminary order.

The appeals court said the states could not prove the harms they claimed and that the guide only instructs federal agents on how to apply a law over which the federal government has considerable authority.

The DHS guidelines “do not impose any direct costs on states or threaten the loss of any federal funding,” Chief Circuit Judge Jeff Sutton wrote.

Emilee Cantrell, press secretary for Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen, said in a statement that the “court’s decision unfortunately allows President Biden to continue his dangerous immigration policies.”

“The border crisis is having devastating impacts in Montana and in states across the nation,” Cantrell said. “Attorney General Knudsen will continue to use every tool available to him to make the Biden administration do its job and secure the border.”

Brittni Thomason, a spokeswoman for the Arizona attorney general’s office, said in a statement that the agency is disappointed with the decision. “This policy is another shameful example of the actions the Biden administration is taking to encourage illegal border crossings,” Thomason said.

A message has been sent to the Ohio attorney general’s office seeking comment.

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