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The United States (USA) and Israel became the first to qualify for the quarterfinals of the U-20 World Cup on Tuesday, defeating New Zealand and Uzbekistan, respectively, in the round of 16.


Argentina and Ecuador qualify for the round of 16 of the U-20 World Cup

The closest clash of the two-legged day was played by Uzbekistan and Israel, who remained tied 0-0 through the regulation 90 minutes.

The game was even not only on the scoreboard, but also in statistics, to the point that the Uzbekistans made 15 shots (four between the three sticks) against 13 (two on target) by the Israelis, who missed three clear chances against two missed by the Uzbeks.

The Argentinian Yael Falcón Pérez gave eight minutes of discount, which extended to nine, and while the seventh minute was running, the Israeli Anan Khalaili scored the winning goal when he finished off a loose ball inside the rival area, after a cross free-kick finished off with a header by a teammate.

On the other hand, the clash between New Zealand and the USA was favorable to the North Americans from start to finish, and ended with a lopsided score of four goals to nil.

The Israelis will have to face the winner of the clash between Tunisia and Brazil in the quarterfinals, while the Americans will clash with the winner between Gambia and Uruguay.

This Wednesday will take place the matches between England and Italy, Argentina and Nigeria, Colombia against Slovakia and the previously mentioned, Brazil against Tunisia.

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