US Proposes New UN Sanctions on North Korea | News


The United States announced on Wednesday that it will propose to the UN Security Council to adopt a new series of sanctions against North Korea for the launches of ballistic missiles in recent months.


New hypersonic missile test confirmed in North Korea

The permanent representative of the United States to the organization, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, confirmed the sanctioning measure promoted by her country through her Twitter account.

The message of the US representative did not specify what type of sanctions could be proposed to the Security Council, where China and Russia, for more than a year, have asked for a lightening of sanctions against Pyongyang, they could oppose the US proposal. .

During the presidency of Donald Trump, the United States unanimously adopted three series of sanctions against North Korea that limit, among others, Pyongyang’s oil imports and prohibit its exports of coal, iron, fish or textiles.

The Asian country launched a missile last week that it presented as hypersonic. While holding a Security Council meeting on the event, Pyongyang claimed to have re-launched a hypersonic missile under the supervision of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

North Korea has repeatedly pointed out that missile tests are defensive in nature in the face of constant pressure from Washington and its allies in the region.

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