US media trial: Alex Murdaugh is guilty of killing his wife and son

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US lawyer Alex Murdaugh was found guilty this Thursday of killing his wife and son, ending a trial that has lasted six weeks and has caused a great media outcry in the United States.

The popular 54-year-old lawyer was accused of shooting, in 2021, his wife, Maggie (52 years old), and their youngest son, Paul (22 years old), at their home, located in a rural part of the state South Carolina, where the Murdaugh family enjoyed great influence.

The prosecution argued that Murdaugh committed the crime in order to prevent his numerous cases of embezzlement and money laundering from coming to light.

Murdaugh himself acknowledged during the trial that he had lied to the police about his whereabouts on the night of the crime, but assured that it was due to paranoia caused by drug use, and tearfully denied having shot his family.

The judge in charge of the case, Clifton Newman, said he will hand down his sentence later, according to The New York Times. The minimum sentence for murder in South Carolina, where the trial has taken place, is 30 years in prison.

The prosecution has already advanced that it will ask for life imprisonment.

Both the woman and the lawyer's son were shot several times with a rifle and a shotgun, although the weapons of the crime have not been found, nor have blood stains or other types of physical evidence.

What was found was a video recorded by Paul Murdaugh shortly before he died where the voices of both parents are heard, destroying the initial alibi of the lawyer, who claimed not to be in the house at the time of the crime.

When he was charged with the murder of his two relatives, Murdaugh was already in prison, awaiting trial on a hundred charges related to his business as a lawyer. EFE

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