US Houses Approve 45-Day Budget Extension That Avoids Government Shutdown

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The law does not contain the two issues of greatest friction between Democrats and Republicans: an increase in aid to Ukraine and funds for the southern border, the exclusion of which has allowed bipartisan support to be achieved to move forward with the law.

The US Congress and Senate have approved a resolution that postpones 45 days (until November 17) budget paralysis scheduled for midnight from Saturday to Sunday, which would have had severe consequences for the functioning of the country's Government and also for its economy.

The rule does not contain the two most frictional issues between Democrats and Republicans: the increase in aid to Ukraine and of the funds for the southern border. The measure has been approved, precisely, thanks to the fact that the president of the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, opted to remove these points from the game board to achieve a bipartisan supportdespite the rejection of the radicals of his party.

Thus, the House of Representativeswith a Republican majority, has changed course and the law has obtained a total of 334 votes in favor, 209 from Democratic congressmen and 125 from Republicans. 91 Republicans have voted against, many of them belonging to the group of supporters of former President Donald Trump, who maintain their fight with McCarthy for considering him too moderate.

Although the law, which will now be signed by the president Joe Bidendoes not contemplate continuing to help Ukraine, the leader of the Democratic majority in the Upper House, Chuck Summer, and Republican leader Mitch McConnell have agreed to continue "fighting" so that the final budgets contemplate continuing to send aid to Kiev.

Biden has celebrated this decision, ensuring that "an unnecessary crisis that would have inflicted unnecessary pain on millions of working Americans" has been avoided. According to a statement released by the White House, the law "will allow active duty troops to continue to be paid, delays at airports will be avoided, and millions of women and children will continue to have access to life-saving nutritional assistance and much more. These are good news for the American people."

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