US Coast Guard returns 67 rafters to Cuba

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The SUnited States Coast Guard Service (SGC) returned to 67 rafters to Cuba in the last two days, the Ministry of the Interior (Minint) reported on Friday.

These irregular migrants, 50 men and 17 women were returned in two operations carried out by the US SGC on days February 23 and 24through the Port of Orozco (Bahía Honda), in the western province of Artemisa, detailed a note from the Minint.

He also indicated that the majority of the members of this group of rafters reside in the provinces of Matanzas (east) and Villa Clara (center) who tried to reach US territory through seven illegal exits by Seaway.

Last Monday, the Government of United States deported to Cuba to others 31 rafters who tried to reach the North American country.

With these recent deportations add up to 2,367 the irregular migrants from various countries so far in 2023.

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Cuba maintains that keeps his commitment “with a regular, safe and orderly migration” and insists in "the danger and life-threatening conditions represented by illegal departures from the country by sea."

For several months, the US has seen on its southern border record numbers of migrants who try to cross irregularly motivated, for the most part, by a new, unprecedented migratory exodus from Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

In the case of Cubaa total of 224,607 citizens they arrived at the american southern border in the fiscal year 2022 -between October 1, 2021 and September 30, 2022-, according to the Customs and Border Protection Office of said nation.

Since last October 1 -which marks the beginning of the current fiscal year-, the crews of the United States Coast Guard have intercepted 5,740 Cubans, according to his statistics.

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The government of Washington implemented at the beginning of 2023 a policy for welcome 30,000 migrants monthly of Venezuela, Haiti, Cuba and Nicaragua.

In parallel, will expel immediately to Mexico to the undocumented of those countries trying to cross into their territory irregularly.

Mexicofor his part, agreed to admit 30,000 migrants a month that are driven out of US territory.

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