US aviation regulator will work with countries before rating their safety

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced Monday that it will work with countries when it sees early signs that civil aviation authorities They are not meeting safety standards.

Previously, the FAA it offered assistance only after the country had been downgraded in its security profile. Now the agency will be able to work with a government to address security risks in progress.

The FAA said that if it notifies a country of a security problem, it will limit direct service and codeshare by foreign carriers to current levels while it reviews whether or not to issue a downgrade.

In May 2021, the FAA lowered the aviation security profile of mexicoan action that prevents Mexican airlines from adding new flights to the United States and limits the ability of companies to carry out operating agreements with each other.

Despite the objections of the Mexican government, the FAA downgraded the profile of Mexico, one of the most common international destinations for American travelers, from a level called Category 1 – which means compliance with international standards– to Category 2.

Mexican authorities had said that recovering the rating would be a “quick and easy process”, but that has not been the case. The FAA did not immediately comment Monday on the status of Mexico’s security profile.

In June, Mexico said it hoped to return to Category 1 in the coming months, after seven meetings with FAA officials.

In response, the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador criticized international aviation organizations, questioning their honesty.

“It should be noted that not all international organizations they are honest, in all areas”, stressed the president.

During his morning press conference on June 24, he stated that studies on the mexican aviation to favor the interests of individuals, and cited as an example the indications of invasion of airspace that was supposedly going to cause the start of operations of the Felipe Angeles International Airport and its simultaneous operation with the capital terminal.

“There are many interests, starting with those who do not want us and are still upset because the airport in Lake Texcoco. They do not lose their anger, ”he expressed.

With information from Reuters