US announces delivery of 400 million in additional military assistance

US announces delivery of $400 million in additional military assistance to Ukraine

Firefighters and rescuers approach a building bombed by Russia in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Photo: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Secretary of the Department of State Anthony Blinken announced on Wednesday that USA provide an additional $400 million in military assistance to Ukraineto collaborate with the defenders of the country before the invasion of Russia.

The package includes weapons and ammunition, as well as anti-aircraft defenses from the Pentagon’s inventory, the head of the State Department said in a statement.

With this announcement, the United States has provided some $19.7 billion to Ukraine in security assistance to date since President Joe Biden entered the White House in January 2021.

Blinken promised that “the United States continues to support Ukraine with additional military assistance to help defend itself, including from the Kremlin’s relentless attacks on Ukraine’s critical energy infrastructure.”

“The artillery ammunition, precision fire, air defense missiles and tactical vehicles that we are providing will serve Ukraine well on the battlefield,” Blinken remarked.

In a separate statement, White House National Security Council spokeswoman Adrienne Watson said that the package includes the sophisticated NASAMS air defense systems and heavy automatic weapons.

Blinken assured that Washington will continue to support kyiv for as long as necessary “so that it can continue to defend itself and present itself with the strongest position at the negotiating table when the time comes.”

The Ukrainian state electricity transmission company Ukrenergo had pointed out on Tuesday that the level of destruction of Ukraine’s energy network is “colossal” and that there are practically no thermal and hydroelectric plants left in the country that have not been attacked.

Watson estimated that the Russian attacks that are damaging that infrastructure They show that Russia “is willing to increase the risk of a nuclear security incident that could further affect not only Ukraine, but also the entire region.”

Those attacks, he added, “do not appear to have any military purpose and instead further the (Vladimir) Putin regime’s goal of increasing the suffering and death of Ukrainian men, women and children” in a “deliberate” manner as it approaches winter.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian government assured on its official Twitter account: “Electricity, water and heating will be restored. Not the Russian Empire.”

The European Parliament designated Russia as a state sponsor of terrorismon Wednesday.

In a largely symbolic move, European lawmakers said deliberate attacks by Kremlin forces and their proxies against civilians in Ukraine constitute war crimes. Russia denies attacking civilians.