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In an emotional act held on Thursday in the Uruguayan capital, the Executive of that country assumed responsibility for crimes against humanity committed by dictatorial governments during the military repression unleashed between 1973 and 1985.


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This decision is a response to the accusation of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights that condemned the Uruguayan State for the murders of Diana Maidanik, Silvia Reyes and Laura Raggio, the so-called "April girls" as well as the disappearance of Luis Eduardo González and Oscar Tassino.

Headed by the Uruguayan Vice President, Beatriz ArmigĂłn, in the country's Congress, the significance of these crimes was recognized, as well as the State policy of repression and terrorism of those years.

Likewise, it was a tribute to the victims and their relatives who kept the memory of their loved ones alive even without knowing their whereabouts. In addition, there was talk of reparations for the victims and the need to obtain justice through authentic means that bring the true culprits to trial.

According to a statement released on social networks, the relatives demanded greater commitment from the Armed Forces and the national government to obtain more information on the whereabouts of the disappeared, before and after the coup d'Ă©tat of June 27, 1973.

This is the second time that the Uruguayan state has been condemned for crimes committed during the military dictatorship and sentenced to take reparation measures such as continuing the investigations, providing psychological treatment to relatives of the victims and carrying out an act of public recognition.

On April 21, 49 years were commemorated since army and police officers massacred Silvia Reyes, a 19-year-old pregnant woman, along with her classmates, Laura Raggio and Diana Maidanik, both psychology students.

In December 1974, they kidnapped the 22-year-old Luis Eduardo González, who died from the torture he received. On July 19, 1977, Óscar Tassino, an employee of the UTE electricity company and a member of the Communist Party, was arrested. He died at the age of 40 from a beating in the clandestine center of La Tablada.

The relatives of the victims made their disappointment clear and questioned the absence of Uruguayan President Luis Lacalle Pou, who delegated Vice President ArmigĂłn because he was visiting the United States.

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