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The president of the Teachers Association (ADUR) of the University of the Republic (Udelar) of Uruguay, Héctor Cancela, denounced this Thursday that the government will not allocate additional funds to the educational center, under the justification that the loss of real salary is of 2.9 percent and offer resources to compensate it.


Teachers go on strike over budget increase in Uruguay

Thus, the decision was exposed during a meeting between Udelar, ADUR, the Union of Workers of the Hospital de Clínicas and the Federal Association of Officials of Udelar with officials from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, and the Ministry of Economy and Finance. ; in the midst of the university strike developed in the country since last Tuesday.

Given the position assumed by the Executive Power, the maximum representative of the ADUR, Cancela, specified that with the percentage granted by the government, the real salary of the salaries is not recovered, since the unions understand that the loss is greater than what was proposed by the government.

“The Udelar is already full, overwhelmed, using all its funds and it can no longer handle those funds, other organizations will have already had their internal margin, they will have cut from one side to put on the other, but at the University that is not a option, we do not see a clear path in that sense”, specified the president of ADUR

He also added that the university unions are open to dialogue and negotiation, for which the results of the meeting will be analyzed in the various areas of discussion of the same.

“The government delegation feels that our claims are fair. There will be a political guideline, but we have to keep fighting,” Cancela stressed.

It is worth mentioning that during the university strike, which began last Tuesday, October 4, the faculties of Medicine, Psychology, Social Sciences and the Salto del Cenur Litoral Norte headquarters were occupied, which remain interrupted as well as the central offices of Udelar.

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