Uriel Carmona: court orders the release of the Morelos prosecutor, but he has already been prosecuted for another crime

Uriel Carmona: court orders the release of the Morelos prosecutor,
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(Photo: Cuartoscuro)

A collegiate Court ordered the release of Uriel Carmonaprosecutor of the state of Morelos, by modifying the justified precautionary measure of preventive detention that had been imposed on him for the possible crime of concealment by favor; However, she will remain in prison for another crime.

It was the Tenth Collegiate Court in Criminal Matters residing in Mexico City that determined the modification of the caution for the Morelos prosecutor, who was arrested on August 4.

It is worth remembering that Uriel Carmona had been released on September 2 by resolution of this same Collegiate Court, however, he was re-apprehended upon his departure from the South Prison.

Upon approval of the modification of the precautionary measure by the members, last Friday, October 8, as stated in the List of Agreements of the Federal Judiciary Council, the prosecutor of Morelos was allowed to leave prison and was ordered to attend weekly before a judge.

(Photo: FGJCDMX)
(Photo: FGJCDMX)

The Court also determined that Carmona Gándara must provide documentation such as his passport as a measure to prevent him from leaving the country.

However, although the Morelos prosecutor released him from prison for the possible crime of concealment, he will remain in prison because on September 8, a third arrest warrant was issued for the possible crime of feminicidein his helper modality.

This arrest warrant was completed by agents of the Mexico City Prosecutor's Office against Uriel Carmona, who is being held in the Altiplano maximum security prison, in Almoloya de Juárez, State of Mexico.

Photo: Cuartoscuro
Photo: Cuartoscuro

The capital authorities reported last Friday about this arrest warrant that prevents him from leaving prison, since during the weekend he was linked to proceedings and was issued preventive prison.

After presenting the evidence to a judge, he determined the detention as legal, which determined to open a process against him, the third linked to the femicide of Ariadna Fernanda, with which he will remain in prison.

This is the third process that has been opened against the person in charge of the prosecution of justice in the state of Morelos in a period of just over a month, after his arrest in Cuernavaca.

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