Unusual: For the first time in history the Bundesliga stops a match due to Ramadan


For the first time in the history of German football a match It was temporarily stopped so that Muslim players who play in the Bundesliga could comply with the religious tradition of Ramadan.

The incident occurred in the match between Augsburg and Mainz 05, and it was the main referee who was in charge of pausing the match so that Muslim footballer Moussa Niakhaté could break his fast for Ramadan before the sun went down.

It is undoubtedly a fact that will go down in history as an unprecedented gesture in the first category of German football, and that Quite possibly it will serve as an example to be carried out in other matches where teams with Muslim players face each other.

This situation He was also introduced to the referee Bastian Dankert, who officiated the match between RB Leipzig and Hoffenheimwhen he gave home team defender Mohamed Siamakan a few minutes to hydrate.

It is worth noting that the referee’s decision was supported by the German Football Federation, who announced this Monday that he will give his support so that the referees give Muslim players time to drink water, this during the month that the fasting holiday lasts.

“There is no general instruction on this, but Of course we support our referees allowing such drinking breaks during Ramadan at the request of the players.“, assured the general director of communications of the German Committee of Referees, Lutz Michael Frohlich.

Ramadan began on April 1 and continues until May 1. during that month many religious renounce drinking, smoking, eating, and sexual intercourse from sunrise to sunset.

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