Until Omicron reaches us


For. Patricia Betaza

With everything and booster shots, Ómicron is unbeatable. The speed with which it spreads is faster than Delta because, according to data from the World Health Organization, a shorter exposure time is needed to contract COVID-19. It is necessary to review the latest daily figures in Mexico to confirm the rate of contagion: Sunday more than 19 thousand infections, Saturday more than 47 thousand infections, Friday more than 44 thousand infections, Thursday more than 43 thousand infections. In the last four days more than 153 thousand infections. Indeed, according to the experiences of people close to him, in most cases of Omicron he has not gone beyond a sore throat, tiredness, hoarseness, cough and body aches. Yes, symptoms very similar to the flu. Of course vaccination has been key to avoiding aggravation, hospitalization and even deaths. But it is not to take Omicron lightly -as it is officially insisted that we see it-, evidence is scant Given the demand, not everyone has the financial availability to do it and also close relatives, there are also not enough resources to pay for specialized monitoring, the mental cost of uncertainty is also too high. Fortunately, it is a fact that vaccination against COVID-19 is advancing in Mexico and there are also drugs authorized by Cofepris for vulnerable patients that can prevent the aggravation of the disease, even death. But with the high speed with which it is transmitted, indeed we are all exposed to contracting COVID-19 at any time. But as long as this happens, let us continue to use – say the US authorities – until double face mask and avoid cloth ones, apply a healthy distance, hand washing and avoid closed spaces as much as possible. Is the world winning the battle against Omicron? No authority can say yes. We will see their behavior in the coming days and it is not to spoil the party, but last week Tedros Adhanom, the mere head of the WHO, warned that SARS-Cov-2 is still a dangerous virus, especially for the unvaccinated Y there is a risk that another more transmissible or more deadly variant will emerge. There are no deceptions about scientific warnings. All of Adhanom’s statements since the pandemic began should be reviewed.

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