Unpublished! PJF employees in NL suspend work due to the extinction of trusts

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Employees of the Judicial Branch of the Federation declared an unprecedented work stoppage in Nuevo León, this Friday morning, due to the extinction of trusts that they assured will affect them in carrying out their work of dispensing justice.

“We have made an unprecedented and historic decision to suspend our work with the exception of attending to urgent cases that will at no time be unprotected,” said Magistrate Gonzalo Higino Carrillo.

He mentioned that society is not used to seeing its judges, male and female magistrates demonstrating in the streets, but the explanation is simple because from the Executive and Legislative Branch there is a movement that impacts the finances of the Judicial Branch of the Federation. that your ability to work will be affected.

He rejected the existence of undue privileges and instead raised serious effects that will result in reducing its operational capacity to respond to society in its demands for justice.

“The serious impact that would be made on the finances of the Judicial Branch of the Federation means that our operational capacity to respond to society in its legitimate demand for justice would be seriously affected from the moment in which we would have to close Courts, leave to have expectations of growth in entities like this one that grows day by day,” he established in his statement.

Shouting “Judicial Power, we are all” the protesters demonstrated against the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who has branded them as privileged.

They mentioned that if the trusts proposed by Morena to eliminate the PJF disappear, there will be no way to face the very high demands for justice demanded by citizens.

They revealed that in this entity There is a backlog of 25 thousand files in the labor courts and the district courts that hear this matter, because there is no human capacity to deal with them.

In addition, there are 120 thousand federal matters waiting in the Conciliation and Arbitration Boards that have not been relievedbut if there are not the resources to provide a response to the people.

The protesters met at the PJF headquarters in San Pedro, where they left on a march to head to the building located in the center of Monterrey, in Constitución and Cuauhtémoc.

“This march is extremely important to inform all citizens of the importance of the Judicial Branch of the Federation, its autonomy and independence,” said Dámaso Pérez Marín, union leader of Section 11.

He revealed that in Nuevo León there would be about 1,800 employees affected by the extinction of trusts.

“We are the initial impact, we work for and for the citizens,” he expressed.

The union leader announced that a demonstration is planned for Sunday at the Esplanade of the Heroes at 10:00 a.m.


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