Unmissable: Sebastián Córdova was booed by his fans and the journalist Paco Villa scoffed at his lousy game


Sebastián Córdova, one of Tigres’ signings for Clausura 2022, had a very discreet match against Puebla, so he was replaced, between boos of the fans, for his bad encounter and was listed as one of the worst players of the commitment. Faced with such a situation, Paco Villa, narrator and journalist from TUDN threw a hint at the Tigres player.

Villa, who has been very critical of Córdova for several seasons ago He wrote on his Twitter account a hint for the former America footballer.

‘How is the cold in the North’ Villa wrote on his social network implying that Córdova is a ‘cold chest’, a description with which he has referred to the offensive midfielder on several occasions.

Paco Villa’s criticism of Córdova dates back a long time, but these have intensified even more since the same player declared that Villa was scolded for speaking ill of him.

After Córdova’s affirmation, Villa has constantly attacked the player, denying his statements and taking advantage of any bad game of the former America to criticize him.

Tigres, on the other hand, is still unable to win so far in the tournament after they tied on the first date against Santos Laguna 1-1 and losing at home to Puebla 0-2. Córdova has played in both games but has not contributed anything to his team and the fans are beginning to lose patience with the former America number 10.

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