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This is playoff ball in the Major Leagues, it is the correct way to describe that tremendous level of play.

While at the moment, the Phillies look overwhelming over the D-backs, we know that nothing is set in stone.

We saw the keys in the respective defeats for the dominant - in the regular season - Braves and the very productive - in races - Dodgers, to fully confirm how a later stage is that clean slate where some teams simply cannot confirm their dominance... and in fact that was the case, what's more, with a first defeat is when the “favorites” did not react.

This is what makes it fascinating, because it is unexpected, because it turns the ball in any direction and wonderfully gives us that play. random where no one in their most lucid attempt at prediction could imagine, for example, how that hitter would hit a curveball outside to deposit it behind the wall and with that single run have the victory in a dramatic 1-0 with a pitching duel in the combo.

Some of what we see with the current champions Houston Astros and the Texas Rangers, duels both first games and in the name Framber Valdez next to Justin Verlander At least they led us to think of an even 1-1 series... well no, those from Arlington came out on top in a series where even Bruce Bochy He has several interesting numbers as a manager, contrasted precisely with those of his rival Dusty Baker In a series, even those on the bench have a lot to write in their success story.

So yes, of course, we can say that both series are unmissable and, if the way things are going (and without ruling out the Astros or Diamonds), we have a World Series between the Phillies and Rangers, we can say without a doubt: what a good end to the season awaits us with the best baseball in the world.


With great fanfare they announce baseball and softball with another new entry to the Olympic card for Los Angeles 2028. As unserious is this as we saw them in Tokyo 2020 (played in 2021), they remove them for the Paris 2024 edition and the They return for the subsequent competition four years later.

It has become a whim or a whim to have the king of sports in what should be the greatest sporting event in the world, because when it comes to our diamond game, not even the presence of major league players in their best form has been achieved.

We will see if in our beloved Mexico it manages not to hinder an organization as historically harmful and swampy as the Femebe to be able to get closer to raising good capital - as if it were a mission for mercenaries - and achieving a new Olympic classification.

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