Universities enter as electoral referee; Monitoring is called

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Forty citizen organizations and eleven educational institutions, as well as citizens in general, will monitor and issue yellow cards during the different phases of the electoral process, within the Citizen Monitoring Plan of the National Agreement for Electoral Integrity that support the electoral Tribunalhe INE and the private sector.

To achieve this, they called on citizens in general to register as “volunteer monitors” on the anie.mx page, in order to monitor, detect irregularities and report them to the technical council that will prepare the corresponding reports.

During the signing of the agreement for the creation of this Citizen MonitoringLuis Fernando Fernández, technical secretary of the National Agreement for Electoral Integrity, explained that citizens will monitor eight aspects of the process.

There will be a report that will be prepared by a technical council made up of academics and they will go out to raise yellow cards, with “temporary statements”, because “there are situations throughout the electoral process that will warrant us coming out at that moment as an organization, as an Agreement, to point out violations of electoral integrity or that even put the electoral process at risk,” he said.

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This monitoring group may point out faults to the electoral authorities themselves or to political actors, although their observations only have moral quality and are not binding from a legal point of view.

He added that the purpose of this citizen monitoring is “to temper conflicts based on evidence.”

The chief magistrate of electoral TribunalReyes Rodríguez Mondragón, stressed that “it is imperative to strengthen ties between electoral authorities and civil society.”

Representing the INE, counselor Dania Ravel considered that what harms the democratic system “has to do with not respecting the rule of law,” not wanting to comply with sentences and obey the law.

The Agreement was signed by businessmen, the 32 state electoral courts and at least 29 local public electoral organizations.


One of the members of the Citizen Monitoring Technical CouncilMauricio Merino, denounced that they were asked to participate in this agreement “in the past, when offenses that compromise the desired integrity have already been committed and are still being committed right now.”

I list these faults by mentioning that there are already two candidates for the presidency campaigning, six of the seven parties flouted the procedures and times to anticipate the contest, that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is campaigning every day, using public resources, and The Legislative Branch has defamed the electoral authorities, the expenses on billboards, spectaculars, among other things.

Aspects that will be reviewed:

  • Transparency
  • Respect for the vote
  • Respect for voters' preferences
  • Fight corruption in the electoral process
  • Openness to democratic dialogue
  • Propositive capacity of candidate platforms
  • Non-discrimination and combating violence
  • Respect for electoral justice


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