United Nations reiterates importance of helping Yemen | News

The Secretary General of the United Nations Organization (UN), António Guterres, specified this Wednesday that Yemen should be supported, in the face of the daily crisis that this country suffers as a result of the high numbers of famine.


UN warns of increased famine in Yemen in 2022

“As a matter of human decency, compassion and life or death, we must support the people of Yemen now”, remarked the representative of the multilateral organization António Guterres stressed.

Similarly, the Secretary General reported that “last year, almost 12 million people received vital assistance every month in Yemen”, although currently the lack of funds can trigger a humanitarian catastrophe.

On the other hand, the UN warned that seven years of conflict and economic collapse have devastated and exhausted the survival capacity of Yemen and its population. For the entity, millions of people are at risk of hunger, disease, displacement and violence.

“Since January 2022, two-thirds of major UN aid programs have been scaled back or closed due to underfunding, leaving millions of Yemenis without access to life-saving assistance, with more cuts on the way. The high-level engagement event on the humanitarian crisis in Yemen is an opportunity for the international community to demonstrate its commitment to the people of Yemen.

The data provided by the UN in 2021, pointed out that the war left more than 2,500 civilians dead or injured and forced some 300,000 people to move from their homes, raising the figure to 4.3 million from 2015 to 2022.