United Nations experts arrive in Peru to attend to oil spill damage | News

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A group of experts from the United Nations (UN) arrived in Peru on Monday to help address and mitigate the damage caused by the oil spill that occurred on January 15 in the Ventanilla area, located in Lima ( capital).


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"The team of specialists from the United Nations that will evaluate and propose immediate actions to mitigate the environmental impact caused by the spill," explained the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru.

The arrival of the group of specialists from the multilateral organization took place thanks to the coordination of the Permanent Diplomatic Mission of Peru in Geneva, Switzerland and the coordination carried out through it by the Foreign Ministry of the Andean country.

The mission was convened by the UN Joint Environment Unit and the UN Disaster Assessment and Coordination Team (Undac) and held a meeting with nine professional experts in pollution and spill response crude oil, marine chemistry, contingency planning and other related tasks.

Team members from nations such as Spain, France, Ecuador, Panama and Norway are expected to stay in Lima for approximately two weeks.

Government reviews contract with Repsol company

The Prime Minister of Peru, Mirtha Vásquez, stated that the State is reviewing the contract it has with the transnational Repsol, after the spill of approximately 6,000 barrels of oil in the Ventanilla Sea.

Vásquez reported that they are reviewing the terms, clauses and legal bases on which the contract with the company is based to find out what resources they can use to favor the process of recovery and mitigation of environmental damage in the disaster area.

In its preliminary report, the Spanish company Repsol acknowledged that it was not able to calculate the real magnitude of the accident, at the same time, it stressed that they are assuming the consequences. Likewise, the Government accused the European company for not having had a diligent reaction to the spill and demands that there be a response according to the magnitude of the disaster caused.

On January 15, there was a spill of nearly 6,000 barrels of crude oil at the La Pampilla refinery, which has already affected nearly one million square meters of sea and has caused significant damage to the ecosystems of the region.

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