Union of the Judiciary goes on strike due to the disappearance of trusts

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The leadership of the National Renewal Union at the Service of Workers of the Federal Judiciary requested the president of this, the minister Norma Lucía Piña Hernándezthat this Monday, October 16, 2023, be declared a “non-working day”, to carry out a strike in protest against the disappearance of 13 of 14 trusts by the Chamber of Deputies.

In a letter sent to the president of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) and the Federal Judiciary Council (CJF), the general secretary of the SNTPJF, Juan Alberto Prado Gómez, requested the disqualification of the day, so that the workers can demonstrate without employment consequences.

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“With the aim of preserving the independence of this power, through a peaceful demonstration with the purpose of making society in general and the various political actors aware of the repercussions that the extinction of the trusts will have, and at the time a budget cut, thereby affecting the delivery of justice,” Prado Gómez explained in the letter.

He indicated that the reason is the approval, last week, in the Budget and Public Accounts Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, with 30 votes from Morena and its allies, and 21 against the opposition, of the Reform to the Organic Law of the Judicial Branch of the Federation, which contemplates the disappearance of 13 of 14 trusts that are administered for its operation and for the retirement of its workers, in some cases.

“For this reason, we respectfully request that October 16, 2023 be declared non-working day, so that workers can express themselves freely and spontaneously, without any sanction or retaliation, except for those bodies that are on duty,” requested the secretary. general of the SNTPJF, Prado Gómez.

The initiative project of the coordinator of the Morena deputies, Ignacio Mier Velazcoin which he proposes the elimination of 13 of the 14 trusts of the Judicial Branch It was approved in the Budget and Public Accounts Commission of the Chamber of Deputies. According to the legislator, the resources for said trusts amount to more than 15 billion pesos.

With the majority vote of Morena and its allies from the PT and the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico, the ruling that reforms different norms of the Judiciary and regulatory laws was approved with 30 votes in favor, 21 against and zero abstentions. After having the green light in the first part, the ruling will now be discussed in plenary and is expected to take place this week.

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