Unicef ​​urges governments to guarantee safety in schools | News


The executive director of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Catherine Russell, urged the governments of the world to guarantee that schools are safe places for students, after the shooting that occurred in a primary school in Texas, United States ( USA), which left 19 children dead.


Support for gun control rises in the US after recent massacre

Russell stressed Wednesday that schools should be places where children are safer, in addition to their respective homes, and not places where they are attacked and killed.

The official’s statement came after, on May 24, an 18-year-old man, identified as Salvador Ramos, carried out a shooting at Robb Elementary School, in the Uvalde City School District, killing 19 children and two adults, including a teacher.

“One tragedy after another, one shooting after another, one young life after another: how many more children will have to die before government leaders act to keep students and their schools safe?” Russell asked.

In addition, he recalled that so far in 2022 there have been several attacks on schools in Afghanistan, the US, West Africa, among other countries.

“Many more children, teachers and school staff who witnessed the carnage will carry the emotional and psychological scars for the rest of their lives,” he said.

According to the organization Gun Violence Archive, this year there have been 212 mass shootings in the US, specifically, in at least 34 states such as Texas, Ohio, Indiana, Florida, California, Washington, North Carolina, South Carolina. South, Illinois, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, among others.

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