Unemployment in Colombia falls and stands at 9.7% in October | News

The unemployment rate in Colombia decreased last October and stood at 9.7 percent, as reported on Wednesday by the National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE).


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It is worth mentioning that for the 13 cities and metropolitan areas of the country this indicator was 9.9 percent; while, in the same month of the previous year, the unemployment rate in the main cities was 12.9 percent.

Likewise, this digit reveals that, compared to a similar period in 2021, the registered decrease was 2.3 percentage points.

The entity specified that the employment rate in October 2022 amounted to 71.1 percent in men and 45.5 percent in women.

Such a significant reduction in unemployment constitutes a milestone due to the context, and because something similar has not been achieved in Colombia for nearly three years.

“Every economic decision must be made subject to the need to reach the highest levels of employment,” said the country’s president, Gustavo Petro, on his Twitter social network account.

However, there are other indicators that, although they show a recovery, work still needs to be done to improve them, such as high unemployment among women (12.6 percent), much higher than that among men (7.6 percent).