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"Gender-based discrimination harms everyone: women, girls, men and boys," said the secretary of the United Nations (UN), António Guterres, on the occasion of commemorating World Population Day.


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Reflecting on this date and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Guterres stated that "gender equality is almost 300 years away," while noting that "halfway to the 2030 deadline, the Sustainable Development Goals Sustainable Development are dangerously off track.

Meanwhile this year's focus is unleashing the power of gender equality and giving more voice to women and girls, according to the UN, while reflecting on slow progress in maternal health and access to family planning.

“Let's support women and girls who fight for their rights. And let us intensify our quest to make the Sustainable Development Goals a reality for all 8 billion of us,” said António Guterres.

On the other hand, the UN expressed that women and girls are often ignored in discussions about demography, and their rights are violated in population policies, even when they represent half of the world's population.

The Executive Director of UNFPA, Natalia Kanem, warned about the World Day that more than 40 percent of women around the world cannot exercise their right to make decisions as fundamental as whether or not to have children.

“Empowering women and girls, including through education and access to modern contraception, helps support them in their aspirations and chart the path of their own lives,” said Natalia Kanem.

For the expert, the challenge lies in "accelerating the advancement of gender equality, through access to health and sexual and reproductive rights, better education, appropriate labor policies and equitable norms in the workplace and home, It will result in healthier families, stronger economies, and resilient societies.”

In this context and to date, women in the world still face various manifestations of violence. Regarding other challenges regarding this concern, the Ni Una Menos platform, one of the first to denounce femicides since its foundation on June 3, demanded a transfeminist judicial reform for Argentina and other regions of Latin America and the Caribbean.

“Popular transfeminisms make it clear that this justice is not ours, and if it is not for everyone, it is not justice. That is why we demand a transfeminist, plurinational and interdisciplinary judicial reform: we want a democratic justice with popular participation, and in which listening to the victims is guaranteed, responses are built that hold those who commit damage accountable and provide reparation to the victims. It must incorporate the feminist, decolonial and anti-racist perspective, it requires parity and incorporation of the LGTBIQIA+ collective, effective access and clear language”, stated Ni Una Menos.

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