UN warns about the need for humanitarian aid in the Sahel | News


The United Nations Organization (UN) warned that about 15 million people will need humanitarian aid in the Central Sahel region made up of the nations of Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso.


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“(…) there are four million more people in need since January 2021, an extraordinary increase in just one year,” revealed the UN humanitarian coordinator, Martin Griffiths.

Likewise, the official stressed that it is urgent to obtain nearly 2,000 million dollars for the humanitarian response in the three nations in question.

“The confluence of conflict, climate change, growing political instability, lack of sustainable development opportunities and poverty are driving millions of people into increasingly desperate conditions, Covid-19 and its economic impact have only made it worse. everything”, explained Griffiths referring to the causes of the crisis that the region is experiencing.

Likewise, the text highlighted how violent attacks increased eightfold between 2015 and 2021 and the number of deaths in the region increased tenfold.

Griffiths revealed, referring to public services that water, sanitation and hygiene services have been interrupted as well as more than 5,000 schools remain closed “endangering the future of hundreds of thousands of children.”

“A dramatic food crisis is unfolding in the region, fueled by violence, high food prices and climate shocks. This combination means that more people are expected to be food insecure than in 2014,” the humanitarian coordinator stressed.

On the other hand, the official reported that about a third of the kidnappings against humanitarian workers have occurred in the Sahel zone. Despite that, Griffiths said, humanitarian workers have stayed and continue to support the complicated work.

“However, the Sahel is also, let’s not forget, a region of enormous potential,” he asserted while emphasizing that working together, with solidarity and resilience, the situation can be reversed.

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