UN urges to ensure evacuation of civilians in Ukraine | News


The UN Secretary General, António Guterres, highlighted on Thursday the importance of “expanding humanitarian support and ensuring the evacuation of civilians in conflict zones” in Ukraine, the focus of his visit to Moscow and kyiv this week.


Russia intercepts missiles launched against civilian points in Kherson, Ukraine

Guterres, who was in Bucha, Ukraine at the time of the remarks, also said that “the sooner this war ends, the better, for the good of Ukraine, Russia and the world” while inviting Russia and Ukraine to participate in a investigation into the commission of possible war crimes.

Guterres’ presence in Ukraine comes even as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s chief of staff adviser Mikhail Podolyak criticized the UN, calling it a “weak organization.” The reason for this attitude was that UN Secretary General António Guterres, as part of efforts to establish peace in Ukraine, first visited Russia, and only then went to kyiv.

Podolyak said about it: “I am surprised that representatives of organizations like the UN go to Russia first and not to Ukraine. The fact that only on the 63rd day of the war they began to talk about humanitarian corridors sounds strange. The UN is a weak organization.”

Without responding to such remarks, the UN Secretary General held talks in Moscow with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Russian President Vladimir Putin, one of the main topics was the humanitarian situation in Ukraine, as well as measures for a trilateral solution of these issues, with the participation of the Russian Federation, Ukraine and the UN.

After talks with Putin, Guterres’ office said that the UN is discussing with Moscow and kyiv a mechanism to evacuate civilians in Ukraine and that the organization is sending additional personnel to Ukraine to carry out humanitarian operations.

In Ukraine, the UN chief will not only meet with President Zelensky and his Foreign Minister Dmytri Kuleba but will also meet with staff from UN agencies to discuss “how to optimize humanitarian assistance to the people of Ukraine.”

Guterres proposed the creation of a Contact Group with Russia and Ukraine to “search for the possibilities of opening safe humanitarian corridors with a ceasefire to ensure that they are really effective” in the areas of Ukraine affected by the fighting.

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