UN urges the Colombian State to protect civilians and indigenous people from violence | News

The representative of the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the United Nations Organization (UN) in Colombia, Juliette de Rivero, urged this Wednesday to safeguard the life of the population and protect it from violence, especially from the attacks suffered by the original communities.


Attack on military base in Colombia leaves at least two dead

In statements offered through the social network Twitter, the official specified that the entity is very aware of the situation of the indigenous Nasa peoples of Río Negro, in the department of Huila (center).

The Regional Indigenous Council of Huila (Crihu) denounced the day before the attack with explosives against one of its reservations in the Vereda San Miguel, municipality of Íquira, in that department.

According to the organization, the explosive was allegedly launched by illegal groups, damaged a house and left an injured person who was taken to a nearby health center.

The wounded man is a member of the community and son of the indigenous leader Evangelista Capaz. The attack occurred between 12:50 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. (local time).

After the event, the community of the Indigenous Reservation issued a call for help to human rights defenders in Colombia and to the National Government, with the aim of ending the violence and preventing the armed groups from continuing to affect the communities in the area. between Huila and Cauca, a passage considered strategic for the control of drug trafficking.

In the same way, they denounced that since this Wednesday they have suffered attacks and several houses were destroyed by the launch of tatucos (artisanal bomb cylinders).

For his part, Senator Feliciano Valencia, who comes from the Nasa people, urged Colombian institutions to take action on the matter to protect and care for the community.

It also transpired that representatives of the Ombudsman’s Office met this Wednesday with the Government of Huila to “define the adoption of measures to protect the rights of the civil and indigenous population.”

The indigenous communities have made it known that they remain on high alert, as these actions affect most of the areas where the ancestral communities are settled.