UN urges dialogue to solve armed conflict in Yemen | News


The special envoy of the United Nations Organization (UN) in Yemen, Hans Grundberg, called on Wednesday for dialogue to solve the conflict in the country, given the new escalation of violence and tensions.


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In front of the UN Security Council, the official reaffirmed that a long-term solution to the war cannot be found in the fight, but rather that it is necessary to dialogue even if they are not prepared to lay down their arms.

Grundberg believes that Yemen is once again falling into a cycle of violence that may have dire consequences for already battered civil society and prospects for peace.

The UN representative referred to the recent attacks on the cities of Marib, Taiz and threats of attacks against the important port region of Hudaydah.

“The allegations of militarization of the Hudaydah ports are concerning, and the threats to attack them are equally disturbing, as these ports are a lifeline for so many Yemenis,” Grundberg said.

Likewise, the official revealed that road closures and checkpoints continue in Yemen, as well as impediments to imports and the internal distribution of essential goods for civilians, including fuel, which “is harming the population in a way unjustifiable ”, he qualified.

The UN representative stated that his efforts to achieve a ceasefire encountered the same impediments as other efforts previously made, so there is not much progress in this regard.

“Yemen’s war is plagued with missed opportunities driven in part by fighters ranging from feeling too weak to accept or too strong to commit. It takes genuine political will, responsible leadership and adherence to the interests of the people,” he concluded his speech. the official.

The National Commission to Investigate Alleged Human Rights Violations in Yemen reported that in 2021 the armed conflict left at least 403 civilians dead and more than 700 injured.

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