UN reveals that 56% of femicides were carried out by couples | News

A study presented by the entity of the United Nations Organization for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN-Women) showed that 56 percent of all women and girls victims of femicide in 2021 were murdered at the hands of their partners or other members of the blood family.


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“In 2021, approximately 45,000 women and girls were killed worldwide by their partners or other relatives (including fathers, mothers, uncles and brothers). This means that around 56 percent of the total estimated 81,100 registered female homicide victims in 2021 were killed by someone in their own family,” the report revealed.

According to the data, with an estimated 17,800 victims, Asia was the region with the highest number of intimate partner or family-related femicides in 2021, followed by Africa with 17,200.

In America, an estimated 7,500 women and girls were killed by their partners or other family members in 2021, while 2,500 were recorded in Europe and 300 femicides in Oceania.

The international organization reflected that to analyze these figures, the size of regional populations must also be taken into account, “so it is important to also examine the scope of the problem in terms of rates (per 100,000 women).”

The UN also stated that “the home is not a safe place for women. An average of more than five women or girls were murdered every hour by someone from their own family in that year”, and pointed out that there are still “too many victims” who have not been identified as femicides.

UN-Women Executive Director Sima Bahous reiterated the need “for concerted action across society to realize the right of women and girls to feel and be safe at home, on the streets and everywhere “.

Meanwhile, the results suggest that the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 “coincided with a significant increase in gender-related deaths in the private sphere in North America and in Western and Southern Europe.”

On the occasion of commemorating the International Day Against Violence Against Women and Girls on November 25, the UN visualized this reality, while feminist groups similarly denounce the greatest violence suffered by women and girls.

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In this sense, in various countries the figure does not decrease, but increases. In Ecuador, more than 206 women murdered by femicides were reported until September, and a total of 1,531 victims in the country from February 27, 2014 to August 21, 2022.

On the other hand, in Bolivia between January 1 and June 30, 2022, 48 women were murdered where 29 of them were between 21 and 40 years old. The Public Ministry specified that between January 1 and April 25, 2021, 41 femicides had been reported; while the Círculo de Mujeres organization denounced some 108 femicides that occurred in Bolivia this year.

According to the Institute of Forensic Investigations (IDIF), in the indicated period of 2022, 19 women were suffocated, 12 died from blows or trauma, with knives, 14 victims, one person due to substance intoxication and another with a firearm. ; and in most cases the femicide was a couple or ex-partner.

In Argentina there were 231 direct victims of femicides in 2021, and 42 were able to denounce their attackers beforehand.

“Behind every femicide statistic is the story of an individual woman or girl who has been failed. These deaths are preventable: the tools and knowledge to do so already exist,” said Sima Bahous.