UN requests investigation for human rights violations | News

The deputy spokesman for the Secretary General of the United Nations (UN), Farhan Haq, requested this Saturday to carry out a comprehensive investigation into human rights violations (DD.HH.) in the context of the conflict in Ukraine.


Russia asks to find those responsible for sabotaging the Nord Stream

The request was made in reference to the mass execution of Russian soldiers, captive and unarmed at the hands of Ukrainian troops.

He said at a press conference “we have urged all parties to the conflict to thoroughly investigate all existing reports of human rights violations, as well as to bring those responsible to justice.”

Videos of events showing Russian fighters forced out of a house by Ukrainian fighters once disarmed and restrained, reappear shot dead Russian fighters lying in pools of blood. kyiv presents them as victims of an artillery attack.

The spokeswoman for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zajárova, ratified Moscow’s claim to the international community for the cruel and inhumane treatment of Russian military detainees by the Ukrainian side, demanded attention given the multiple evidences of crimes that have not been response.

The official urged international organizations to investigate and condemn the events, highlighted the complicity in the crimes of “American and European mentors” who have shown active support for kyiv.

The Russian Defense Minister declared that the images released reflect the reality “of the current regime in kyiv, headed by President Volodomir Zelenski, and of those who defend and support it” and constitute means of proof of the massive and bloody massacre of the Russian fighters.