UN Mission in Colombia highlights the courage of victims who attended the hearing on false positives | News


The United Nations (UN) Verification Mission in Colombia highlighted this Thursday the courage of the victims who participated in the public hearing acknowledging responsibility for extrajudicial executions by ex-soldiers, held by the Special Jurisdiction for Peace. (JEP).


Victims demand that Álvaro Uribe be brought to trial

On April 26 and 27, ten former soldiers and one civilian, charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity, admitted their responsibility in the disappearance and murder of 120 young people between 2007 and 2008, who were later presented as casualties in combat by agents of the Colombian State.

“The Mission deeply appreciates the courage of the victims, their testimonies and their persistence in the search for the truth, as well as the appearance of the ten soldiers and the third civilian accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in the Catatumbo region. in the framework of Case 03”, he refers in a statement.

The UN Mission asserted that this hearing, as well as the others that were announced by the JEP, “are decisive steps to guarantee the rights of the victims.”

In addition, he refers that this also contributes to “building peace and guarantees of non-repetition.”

Finally, the UN Verification Mission in the South American nation reiterated that it will continue to support “transitional justice efforts.”

During the public hearing, the defendants acknowledged that the crimes committed in the Catatumbo region, department of Norte de Santander (northeast), occurred because there was “pressure from high command who demanded that we give results (…) We had to look for the results whatever.”

However, the relatives of the victims stressed that not only is it necessary to do justice and clear the names of the murdered people, but it must be clarified who issued the order for the executions.

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