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The General Assembly of the United Nations Organization (UN) approved this Wednesday with the support of 141 of the 193 member states, a resolution against Russia for the crisis in Ukraine.


Russian forces take control of the Ukrainian city of Kherson

Before the vote on the text that requires the departure of Russian troops, Russia explained the reasons for starting the special military operation in Ukraine, whose objectives are to protect the population in Donbas and demilitarize and denazify that European nation.

Peace in Ukraine is possible if that country's nationalists stop attacking civilians in Donbas, where a majority of Russian-speakers live and have been under constant siege since the 2014 coup, Russia's representative to the United Nations said. Vasily Nebenzia.

At the emergency meeting of the United Nations General Assembly, Nebenzia expressed concern that Ukrainian radicals might be emboldened to continue their atrocities in the Donbas region.

The National Assembly approved a resolution against Russia for the special military operation in Ukraine in a two-day emergency meeting, which ended on Wednesday.

In his speech, the diplomat indicated that protecting the population of that region is one of the objectives of the special military operation in Ukraine, contrary to Western propaganda that describes Russian actions as an invasion.

The high Russian representative asked that the United Nations resolution that is currently being analyzed not be approved because it is contrary to the human rights of a population that has remained defenseless for the last eight years.

He asked them not to believe all the lies that appear on the Internet about the Russian operation, which distorts the legitimate objectives pursued to avoid a catastrophe in Donbas.

He listed a series of criminal acts that Nazi nationalists have committed with impunity in the self-proclaimed republics of Lugansk and Donetsk.

On his occasion, Syria's representative to the UN, Bassam Sabbagh, supported Moscow's request to reject the United Nations resolution against Russia.

On his occasion, the Syrian diplomat stressed that the true causes of this crisis in Eastern Europe are ignored.

He also recalled the military invasion of the United States in Syria when the conflict began in the Arab country in 2000 without there being any sanctions against Washington.

At the end of the vote, Nebenzia denounced that the West, through threats, forced a "large number" of countries to vote in favor of the draft resolution of the General Assembly.

"We know of the unprecedented pressure that the West exerted on a large number of countries, forcing them to vote for their interests. These cynical threats were made openly," he declared.

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