UN denounces the violation of human rights by Ukrainian forces | News


UN Commissioner Michelle Bachelet declared on Tuesday that Ukraine has violated international rights standards during the conflict with Russia in the Donbas region.


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“While we still must have access to the territories occupied by Russian forces, we have documented that both parties have committed violations of international human rights law and international humanitarian law,” he said.

About 1,000 people have been detained on suspicion of supporting Russia in the conflict by the Ukrainian Security Services and the National Police, he explained.

“We are concerned that the arrests are not made in accordance with Ukraine’s obligations,” he declared, expressing concern about twelve suspected cases of enforced disappearance by Ukrainian security.

As reported by the Human Rights Office, 4,889 civilians have died, including 335 minors, but this figure is only due to records, so it is believed that the figure is higher.

The Human Rights office also recorded 28 cases of sexual violence, including gender violence, group violence, torture and forced public nudity.

The Commissioner reported that there have been reports of violations by Russian armed forces, but also by Ukrainian ones.

Although the head of the UN Human Rights office acknowledged that the Ukrainian troops have committed significant rights violations.

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