UN asks international community for more support for Afghanistan | News


The United Nations Organization (UN) specified this Thursday that Afghanistan needs the international community to face the acute poverty that can occur in the country and has asked that the assets affected by the sanctions be thawed.


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UN Secretary General António Guterres ignored that “more than half of Afghanistan’s population now depends on humanitarian aid to save lives. Without a more concerted effort from the international community, virtually all men, women and children Afghanistan could face acute poverty ”,

In addition, he indicated that low temperatures and frozen assets are a lethal combination for the people of Afghanistan. “The rules and conditions that prevent using money to save lives and the economy must be suspended in this emergency situation,” he said.

Gutterres urged that, through the unfreezing of assets, international financing can be accessed to pay the salaries of public sector workers; and Afghan institutions are assisted in providing health, education and other vital services.

Similarly, the official valued that the situation of women and girls in Afghanistan is unfair and that “no country can prosper while denying the rights of half of its population.”

Calling on the international community “to intensify its support for the people of Afghanistan,” the UN Secretary General urged the Taliban leadership to promptly recognize and protect the fundamental human rights of women and girls.

He stressed that Afghan women and girls should have access to all opportunities for education and employment, health care, and other essential services as part of their most basic human rights.

For its part, the Revolutionary Association of Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) underlined in a statement last year that “the Taliban are trying to pretend to be ‘changed’ to obtain global financial and diplomatic support, recognition and the lifting of sanctions.”

“How can you expect a” change “from a group of medieval and alien mercenaries whose entire lives are associated with bloodshed, suicide, explosions and savagery ?, warned the women’s organization.

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