Ukraine’s new bombing of Donetsk leaves at least 13 dead | News


The mayor of Donetsk, Alexei Kulemzin, announced on Monday that at least 13 people were killed as a result of an attack carried out by the Armed Forces of Ukraine against the west of the city.


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In this regard, Kulemzin published that “according to preliminary data, as a result of the bombing in Baku Commissars Square in the Kuibyshev region, 13 civilians were killed.”

In this sense, the authorities reported that several explosive devices hit a bus stop while the competent forces are currently working to specify the number of injured.

Similarly, the mayor pointed out that due to the bombing of the territory, the circulation of the trolleybus route number 14 in the section of the square was temporarily suspended.

Last Sunday, the Ukrainian army attacked the city of Górlovka, north of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, with artillery fire, where five civilians were killed and three seriously injured were reported.

Previously, the kyiv forces attacked the Kievsky, Voroshilovsky and Kalininsky districts with 155-millimeter shells last Saturday, killing four people and wounding eight, including teleSUR correspondent in Donetsk, Alejandro Kirk.

Western countries finance and supply weapons to the Ukrainian army, which has been denounced by Russian diplomacy as obvious acts of interference that promote human losses and extend the conflict.

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