Ukraine says it is ready to launch long-awaited counteroffensive

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Ukraine is ready to launch the long-awaited counteroffensive against Russia, Oleksiy Danilov, a senior Ukrainian security official, declared yesterday in an interview with the BBC.

Danilov did not want to put a date, but he did affirm that the attacks could start “tomorrow, the day after or in a week”. He also added that the Kyiv government "does not have the right to be wrong" about this decision, because "it is a historic opportunity that we cannot miss." Danilov is one of Volodimir Zelensky's closest associates and is currently Ukraine's National Secretary for Security and Defense.

nuclear tension

Kyiv warns that Moscow is attempting a large-scale provocation at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant

The senior officer also confirmed that part of Wagner is withdrawing from the city of Bakhmut, the scene of the bloodiest battle of the war that began in February 2022. Danilov pointed out, however, that "the mercenaries are going to regroup to act in other locations on the front”.

Ukraine has been talking about a counteroffensive since the front stabilized in the winter of 2022. However, it has bought all the time possible to train its troops and have all the necessary military equipment to guarantee the advance.

The Zaporizhia power plant has been one of the points of maximum tension since the start of the invasion war in Ukraine

Andrey Borodulin / AFP

Ukraine needs to show the allies that supply it with weapons that it is capable of mounting a proper counteroffensive. Ukrainian strategists have pushed the demands for weapons to Western countries to the maximum. At the last G7 meeting, US President Joe Biden promised to train the pilots who will operate the F16 fighters, the object of the Ukrainian army's desire.

Meanwhile, Ukraine harasses the Russians on all fronts. Yesterday, Russian media reported that Ukrainian drones had hit oil pipelines and oil facilities inside Russia. One of the attacks occurred at a maintenance station on the Druzhba pipeline, which supplies oil from western Siberia to Europe.


A Russian missile destroyed this clinic in Dnipro two days ago in an image taken by the Ukrainian authorities


According to Kommersant, two drones hit a station located northwest of Moscow -Tver region- that serves the Druzhba (Friendship in Russian) oil pipeline on Saturday. Local authorities in Tver said a drone had crashed near the town of Erokhino, some 500 kilometers from the Ukrainian border.

Built during the Soviet years, Druzhba has the capacity to pump more than 2 million barrels a day but is severely underutilized since Europe has reduced its dependence on Russian energy. Transneft, operator of the pipeline, carried out the drone attack.

distraction maneuvers

In recent weeks, drone attacks on Russian soil have intensified to disperse the attention of the adversary

In recent weeks, drone attacks (not claimed by Ukraine) have intensified on Russian soil as a way to disperse the attention of the adversary. Drones have made their appearance in border regions such as Belgorod, but also in the interior (Krasnodarsk) and even in the Kremlin, in the days leading up to the celebration of Victory Day on May 9. Ukraine has always denied it, but US intelligence claims that the drones that crashed into one of the Kremlin domes were operated by Ukrainians.

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Gonzalo Aragonese


The United States is more concerned about the appearance of US-made war material in the hands of groups of Russian dissidents and defectors who this week entered Russian territory. John Kirby, a White House spokesman, reiterated this week that he is against its use as it reinforces Russia's narrative of Western bullying and increasingly involves the American power in the war.

Ukrainian sources have denied that they have supplied these weapons to the groups that entered Russian territory from Ukraine this week and that they probably obtained the armored vehicles they used on the black market.

Kharkiv (Ukraine), 05/24/2023.- Members of the 'Russian Volunteer Corps' and 'Freedom of Russia Legion' with an armored vehicle during a meeting with the media not far from the Ukraine-Russia border in Kharkiv's area, northeastern Ukraine, 24 May 2023, amid the Russian invasion. According to the group of Russian fighters, who are aligned with Ukraine, during a meeting with the press on 24 May, they engaged in cross-border raids on the territory of the Belgorod region of Russia starting on 22 May 2023. Ukraine has denied Russia's allegation that it was behind the attacks on the Belgorod region and portrayed the incursions by the Russian volunteers as an uprising against the Kremlin and Putin's regime. Russian troops entered Ukraine on 24 February 2022 starting a conflict that has caused destruction and a humanitarian crisis. (Attack, Russia, Ukraine) EFE/EPA/SERGEY KOZLOV

The war front between Russia and Ukraine has been complicated by the operation of groups such as the "Volunteer Corps of the Russian Legion" who fight with the Ukrainians


Ukrainian intelligence has also warned of Russia's intention to be seeking "a large-scale provocation" at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant to stop the Ukrainian offensive. According to this version, of which no evidence has been offered, Russia is willing to bomb the plant to cause a radioactive leak and seeks international intervention to hinder military actions in the area, the likely scene of the counteroffensive in the south.

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