Ukraine - Russia war: latest news live | Zelensky visits an area that is a symbol of the resistance against Russian troops on the 500th day of war | International

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What has happened in the last hours

These are the most important war news at 8:00 p.m. on the 499th day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine:

NATO leaders will offer Ukraine rapprochement, but not membership, at the Vilnius summit. The NATO heads of state and government will agree at their summit next week in Vilnius on various measures to "bring Ukraine closer" to the Atlantic Alliance, the organization's secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, reported this Friday, but they will not propose their income, nor a concrete schedule for it, as Kiev wanted.

France and other partners are preparing security guarantees for Ukraine outside of NATO. France and other countries are working on defining security guarantees for Ukraine outside of NATO, aware that, in the context of the war with Russia, its integration into the Atlantic Alliance will not happen quickly. Elysium sources stressed that it is a way of assuring Kiev that it will continue to receive aid "as long as it takes", even for "years".

Zelensky warns of the "threat" to security posed by NATO disunity. The great Russian invasion of Ukraine celebrates 500 days this Saturday and President Volodímir Zelenski accelerates his international agenda with the aim of strengthening the agreements that bring Kiev closer to NATO, whose summit begins on Tuesday in Vilnius (Lithuania). Carrot and stick in hand, the president thanks the support while criticizing, as he did in Bratislava, what he considers a lack of unity within NATO to accept the entry of Ukraine and Sweden (although the Swedish case is radically distinct). And those differences, he understands, pose a "threat" with repercussions for the security of the entire world. "Unity is the strength of NATO" and "disunity" is what Russia is seeking, he added.

Ukraine would welcome receiving cluster munitions from the United States because they would have an "extraordinary psycho-emotional impact" on the Russian forces, a senior Ukrainian official said on Friday. Three US officials speaking on condition of anonymity said this week that an arms aid package including cluster munitions fired from a 155mm Howitzer gun was expected to be announced as early as Friday.

EU Member States host more than four million Ukrainian refugees. More than four million Ukrainians have found refuge in the European Union, according to May Eurostat data collected by the Polish outlet Notes from Poland. Poland and Germany are the countries that receive the most, 25 and 28% of the total in the EU respectively, with one and 1.1 million each.

76% of Ukrainian refugees abroad have plans to return to their places of origin. 76% of Ukrainian refugees in other host countries plan to return to their places of origin, according to the latest survey by the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) on the profiles and intentions of those displaced by war .

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