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Lithuania calls for tougher sanctions against Russia as war continues

The President of Lithuania, Gitanas Nauseda, has asked the European Commission for Brussels to impose stronger sanctions against Russia, ensuring that those decreed so far “basically” have not affected the Russian energy sector. According to the Lithuanian president, the Twenty-seven need to “adjust their course” to exert more pressure on Moscow, which after nine months of war and sanctions “continues its invasion of Ukraine,” according to the Baltic Times newspaper.

“Paradoxically, the sanctions policy is having the same impact on our economies, while the consequences for the Russian economy are, I would say, contradictory,” the Lithuanian president said at a joint press conference with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis, in Vilnius.

“The (Romanian) and I note that Gazprom’s financial results are far from bad, because despite the fact that they sold much less gas, they managed to benefit from the sharp increase in prices,” Nauseda detailed.

For this reason, the President of Lithuania – who has always been in favor of bolder sanctions – has called for the impact of the common sanctions policy against the Kremlin to be assessed so far and for the course to be “adjusted”.

Specifically, it has urged Brussels to agree on a ninth package of sanctions to cover “the greatest possible variety of areas and individuals”, according to the aforementioned newspaper. “This must be a big step forward to include the military industry, to include the remaining Russian banks in the disruption and to include Rosatom, which is directly involved in this nuclear aggression against Ukraine. Not to mention the judges of the Constitutional Court and all the others who are contributing to the actions of the criminal regime in Ukraine,” the Lithuanian leader asserted.

“I hope that we can take that step and find a consensus among the member countries of the European Union,” he added.

The Romanian president has assured that he shares the position of the Lithuanian president, reiterating that “tougher measures” should be taken against Russia. “Regarding the sanctions (…) we discussed this topic during our meeting. Tougher measures are needed on our part”, Iohannis stressed.

The European Union has so far imposed eight packages of sanctions against Russian oil exports and senior officials since Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his troops to attack Ukraine on February 24. (Europa Press)